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Euphorbia Peplus
I applied Milkweed (Euphorbia Peplus) to sun spots that were due to be burnt off at a skin specialist.

It is recommended before trying this to get professional medical advise.

Do not get Milkweed in your eyes are it can be extremely dangerous, sometimes causing blindness.

Break the stem of the Milkweed and apply the milky substance to skin cancer or sun spots.  Apply daily, even after it scabs as it will help with the healing.  Apply Aloe Vera straight from the plant on your skin after the scab falls off.

Do not pull the scab off under any circumstance as you will scar.  Let it come off on its own.  It is always very tempting to pick, but you will pay big time if you do.

Be aware that you may apply the Milkweed to a small area, but the reaction from it can spread depending how long the roots of the cancer or abnormal skin cells are.

A company in Australia is now developing a cream/gel for skin cancer using the sap of Milkweed that will be available in 2012.
For more information on this go to:

For more information on Euphorbia Peplus click here.

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