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DISCOVER the real you by using some EASY techniques that will give you the POWER to say no to overeating. MASTER the voice that keeps you trapped. PROVEN RESULTS! This Breakthrough book will give YOU Total Control.

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TOTAL CONTROL is all about getting control back into your life.  From the time we are born we are constantly controlled by parents, teachers, employers and governments.  Finding that inner voice that can bring your inner strength and self control to the surface is made easy, fun and effective.

Contradicting everything you have been advised by dieticians, personal trainers and health providers, Diana gives you 5 easy steps to achieve permanent weight loss.

Ten years of trying all sorts of diets and having them not work, allowed Diana to use her unconventional method, only to find it worked.  The weight just melted off without any real life style change.  Soon it became evident that this method was working for others too. 

Diana Moore is based in New Zealand and spends most of her time researching alternative therapies and training art students to access their right hemisphere of their brain. Over the past 20 years she has studied Feng Shui, Bowen Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique and Alternative Health. Her desire to help people reach their full potential has inspired her to write this book.

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