A selection of simple alternative healing treatments you can do in your own home with very little money, if any, needed. Please read disclaimer at the bottom of this page before trying any alternative remedies.
1 tsp Turmeric with milk per day
Turmeric addresses alzheimers and other memory problems, digestion, womens reproductive organs and also
is a fantastic blood purifier.  It is also great for pain, and for any skin problems. Take daily for best results.
Make sure you rinse your mouth out afterwards to ensure your teeth don't stain.

1 tsp Gelatine in water or apple juice per day
Gelatine contains building material for bone joints.  It also addresses Arthritis, sore and damaged joints.
Apply as often as you can until completely healed.
~  Use Aloe Vera on cuts and grazes after the area has been cleaned thoroughly.  Aloe Vera works so quickly in healing abrasions that any dirt still in there will become trapped.  Make sure you use the real thing.  Buy yourself a plant and break off a piece when required.  The plant will heal itself over enabling you to continue using it.  Aloe vera is an excellent form of healing nutrients so drinking it is very beneficial for your body.  Just cut 1-2 inch slice.  Peel the skin and wash gel under water.  Add to any smoothie you are making.
~ Pour Tamari or Soya Sauce on burns immediately and it will take the burn away completely.  It can also
be used for sunburn to stop blistering and peeling and of course pain.

Best done first thing in the morning before eating or drinking anything.
Spit into a glass of water first thing in the morning. Wait an hour.
If you see there are strings coming down from your saliva, or the water becomes cloudy, or if the saliva sinks to the bottom, it may be that you have Candida.  If your Saliva is Healthy, your spit will simply float on the top and slowly disolve.
Use Olive oil to your face and body for a simple and cheap alternative to expensive skin cremes.  You will soon find that it works so much better.  Add essential oil for fragrance.
Make parsley tea by adding a fresh sprig of parsley to a cup of boiled water.  Let it cool and then drink while still warm.  A fantastic source of iron and vitamin c.  It is a sweet tea, and not at all bitter.
Make thyme tea by adding 1-2 sprigs of fresh thyme to a cup of boiled water.  Let it cool and then drink while still warm.  A fantastic antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal source so excellent for sore throats, colds, flus and fevers.
An excellent source of Iron and Potassium.
Take 1 Tablespoon a day if you suffer from fatigue.
I just read an article claiming that N-acetylcarnosine eyedrops an literally get rid of cataracts!  I would fully recommend you do your own research on this product. Europeans had been treating cataracts with a new miracle eyedrop -- developed in Russia by Mark Babizhayev -- that apparently dissolves cataracts!
This book goes into detail about using the drops.

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