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This book is all about a stress free lifestyle plan.  There is no point starting something that you will not  be able to maintain for the rest of your life. So you will be pleased to hear that I recommend that you do not do any heavy duty exercise when you start this TOTAL CONTROL METHOD.

You can lose all the weight you want without exercising at all. 

This will make sure that you won't be dependent on exercise to keep your weight down permanently.

Although this contradicts what most dieticians, personal trainers and experts on health would recommend, it is just common sense.

Your body is going through enough stress when suddenly you are cutting your portions in half, adding in heavy exercise is just going to overload your body and your mind with more stress.  Your body has to adjust to the changes of the smaller amounts of food you are eating, the last thing your body wants you to do is burn up every bit of energy it has left.  It just does not make sense to put this stress on you or your body.

You will have so much more energy when you have lost a lot of weight, so when you feel ready and it does not feel stressful on your body, you can then gradually bring in exercise.

When you get closer to your ideal weight you will want to tone up, so that is the time to do it.

You are probably questioning the saggy skin dilemma. This may happen if you lose too much weight too quickly. There is no rush.  You are making lifestyle changes that will see you through to your old age.

We are giving your body easy steps to deal with so there is no shock, and no stress.  It is a gradual 5 step program that you can do in your own time and know that the end result is permanent.

IMPORTANT: Wait until your body has adjusted to the smaller amounts of food and you have a lot more energy, before exercising.

Light walking, yoga etc is encouraged but postpone the other heavier types of exercising for later when you are closer to your goal weight.

If you exercise too much in the beginning, you can become solid and still remain large. It will be much harder to lose the weight and for your body to adjust to a massive change in your food intake.

It can also be damaging to your body to exercise if you are extremely overweight. 

Think of every extra kilo that you weigh is like a block of butter. Next time you are at the food store, pick up several blocks of butter and see how heavy they are.  Calculate how many blocks of butter (kilos) you need to lose and think about how it would feel carrying that around with you while you are exercising. What sort of stress would you be putting your body through, especially your legs, hips and feet.  Focus on losing the weight first.  It will be so much easier for you to be in TOTAL CONTROL.

You are creating a lifestyle, so unless you see yourself at 70 years old going to the gym, monitoring your heart rate, counting calories, do not do it. Change your routine so you can enjoy it for the rest of your life. Make exercise work for you and make it fun. 

Lots of people that are their goal weight and never have to worry about their weight often don't do heavy exercise.  It is just todays society and advertising that make us feel that we need too.  Be sensible.  Go for a walk, have fun gardening and enjoy!
  • Spring cleaning the house. 
  • Window shopping.
  • Relaxing walk along a beach.
  • Yoga.
  • Pilates.
  • Tai Chi.
  • Callenetics.
  • Swimming.
  • Bike Riding.
  • Gardening.
  • Resistance Exercises

  • Power Walking
  • Running
  • Gym workouts
  • Weights
  • Aerobics

Come back soon for resistant exercises you can do with your own body strength anywhere, anytime - no equipment needed!

Copyright 2008  Diana Moore
Excerpts from Total Control Book