Om Sai Ram
Sanathana Sai Sanjeevini......healing fragrances

         affect the healing vibrations.

         Much like Bach Flowers.Body Parts Sanjeevinis

1.Abdomen Sanjeevini 
2.Alimentary Canal Sanjeevini 
3.Arm & Hand Sanjeevini 
4.Back Sanjeevini 
5.Blood Sanjeevini 
6.Body Tissues (all) Sanjeevini
1 to 6
7.Bone Sanjeevini 
8.Brain Sanjeevini 
9.Breast Sanjeevini 
10.Chest Sanjeevini 
11.Circulatory System Sanjeevini 12.Ear Sanjeevini 
7 to 12
13.Endocrine System Sanjeevini 
14.Eye Sanjeevini 
15.Face Sanjeevini 
16.Female Sanjeevini 
17.Gall Bladder Sanjeevini 
18.Glands Sanjeevini 
13 to 18
19.Gums Sanjeevini 
20.Hair Sanjeevini 
21.Head Sanjeevini 
22.Heart Sanjeevini 
23.Hip Sanjeevini 
24.Immune System Sanjeevini 
19 to 24
25.Kidney & U.T. Sanjeevini 
26.Knees Sanjeevini 
27.Leg & Foot Sanjeevini 
28.Liver Sanjeevini 
29.Lymphatic System Sanjeevini 30.Male Sanjeevini 
25 to 30
31.Mind Sanjeevini 
32.Mouth Sanjeevini 
33.Muscle Sanjeevini 
34.Nails Sanjeevini 
35.Neck Sanjeevini 
36.Nervous System Sanjeevini 
31 to 36
37.Nose Sanjeevini 
38.Pancreas Sanjeevini 
39.Prostate Sanjeevini 
40.Rectal Sanjeevini 
41.Respiratory Tract Sanjeevini 
42.Shoulder Sanjeevini 
37 to 42
49.Thyroid Sanjeevini 
50.Tongue Sanjeevini 
51.Appendix Sanjeevini 
52.Bone Marrow Sanjeevini 
53.Lungs Sanjeevini 
54.Whole Body Sanjeevini 
49 to 54
55. Body (Left Side) Sanjeevini 
56.Body (Right Side) Sanjeevini 
57. Colon Sanjeevini 
58. Joints Sanjeevini 
59. Lips Sanjeevini 
60.Ovaries Sanjeevini 
55 to 60    
1.ACID Acidity/Colic/Indigestion Sanjeevini 
2.Addiction (all types) Sanjeevini 
3.Adenoids Sanjeevini 
4.AIDS (all types) Sanjeevini 
5.Allergies (all) Sanjeevini 
6.Anaemia Sanjeevini 
1 to 6
7.Angina Sanjeevini 
8.Anorexia (loss of appetite) Sanjeevini 
9.Antitoxins Sanjeevini 
10.Arteriosclerosis Sanjeevini 
11.Asthma Sanjeevini 
12.Autism Sanjeevini 
7 to 12
13.Bedwetting Sanjeevini 
14.Bites & Stings Sanjeevini 
15.Bleeding (haemmorhage) Sanjeevini 
16.Blockages (all) Sanjeevini 
17.Blood Pressure (high) Sanjeevini 
18.Blood Pressure (low) Sanjeevini 
13 to 18
19.Blood Sugar Imbalance Sanjeevini 
20.Body Imbalance Sanjeevini 
21.Boils Sanjeevini 
22.Brain Power Sanjeevini 
23.Bronchitis Sanjeevini 
24.Bubonic Plague Sanjeevini 
19 to 24
25.Burns Sanjeevini 
26.Cancers (all) Sanjeevini 
27.Caries Sanjeevini 
28.Cataract Sanjeevini 
29.Chicken Pox Sanjeevini 
30.Childbirth(delivery)Sanjeevini 25 to 30
31.Cholera Sanjeevini 
32.Colitis Sanjeevini 
33.Coma Sanjeevini 
34.Constipation Sanjeevini 
35.Cough (dry) Sanjeevini 
36.Cough (wet) Sanjeevini 
31 to 36
37.Cramps Sanjeevini 
38.Dehydration Sanjeevini 
39.Diabetes (adult) Sanjeevini 
40.Diabetes (juvenile) Sanjeevini 
41.Diarrhoea/Dysentry Sanjeevini 
42.Digestion Sanjeevini 
37 to 42
43.Diphtheria Sanjeevini 
44.Discharges (all) Sanjeevini 
45.Downe's Syndrome Sanjeevini 
46.Drawing Sanjeevini 
47.Eczema Sanjeevini 
48.Emergency Sanjeevini 
43 to 48
49.Epilepsy (all) Sanjeevini 
50.Fevers & Flu (all) Sanjeevini 
51.Filaria Sanjeevini 
52.Fissures Sanjeevini 
53.Fistula Sanjeevini 
54.Fitness Sanjeevini 
49 to 54
55.Frozen Shoulder Sanjeevini 
56.Glaucoma Sanjeevini 
57.Gonorrhoea Sanjeevini 
58.Hayfever (Allergic Rhinitis) Sanjeevini 
59.Hearing & Deafness Sanjeevini 
60.Heart, Hole in- Sanjeevini 
55 to 60
61.Hernia Sanjeevini 
62.Herpes Zoaster (Shingles) Sanjeevini 
63.Hiccups Sanjeevini 
64.Hydrocele Sanjeevini 
65.Hyperthyrodism Sanjeevini 
66.Hypothyrodism Sanjeevini 
61 to 66
67.Incontinence Sanjeevini 
68.Infection Sanjeevini 
69.Infertility (Male & Female) Sanjeevini 
70.Inflammation Sanjeevini 
71.Injury Sanjeevini 
72.Jaundice (all types of Hepatitis) Sanjeevini 
67 to 72
73.Leprosy Sanjeevini 
74.Leucoderma (vitiligo) Sanjeevini 
75.Leucorrhoea Sanjeevini 
76.Lice Sanjeevini 
77.Lymphatic Disorders Sanjeevini 
78.Malaria (all types) Sanjeevini 
73 to 78
79.Marasmus Sanjeevini 
80.Measles (all types) Sanjeevini 
81.Meniere's Disease Sanjeevini 
82.Menopause Sanjeevini 
83.Menstrual Disorders (all) Sanjeevini 
84.Migraine Sanjeevini 
79 to 84
85.Miscarriage Sanjeevini 
86.Multipe Sclerosis Sanjeevini 
87.Mumps Sanjeevini 
88.Muscular Dystrophy Sanjeevini 
89.Numbness Sanjeevini 
90.Obesity Sanjeevini 
85 to 90
91.Pain Sanjeevini 
92.Palpitations Sanjeevini 
93.Paralysis Sanjeevini 
94.Parkinsons Sanjeevini 
95.Piles Sanjeevini 
96.Pneumonia Sanjeevini 
91 to 96
97.Pneumonic Plague Sanjeevini 
98.Polio Sanjeevini 
99.Polyps (all) Sanjeevini 
100.Pregnancy Sanjeevini 
101.Primary Complex Sanjeevini 
102.Prolapsed Uterus Sanjeevini 
97 to 102
103.Psoriasis & Itching Sanjeevini 
104.Puberty (boys) Sanjeevini 
105.Puberty (girls) Sanjeevini 
106.Renal Failure Sanjeevini 
107.Retardation (Mental) Sanjeevini 
108.Retardation (Physical) Sanjeevini 
103 to 108
109.Rheumatism/Arthritis/Gout Sanjeevini 110.Scar & Scar Tissue Sanjeevini 
111.Sciatica Sanjeevini 
112.Septicaemia Sanjeevini 
113.Shakti Sanjeevini 
114.Shanti Sanjeevini 
109 to 114
115.Shock Sanjeevini 
116.Sinus & Cold Sanjeevini 
117.Slipped Disc Sanjeevini 
118.Sore Throat Sanjeevini 
119.Speech Sanjeevini 
120.Spondylitis Sanjeevini 
115 to 120
121.Squint Eye Sanjeevini 
122.Stones (gall bladder) Sanjeevini 
123.Stones (Kidney & U.T.) Sanjeevini 
124.Suffocation & Wheeze Sanjeevini 
125.Swelling Sanjeevini 
126.Syphilis Sanjeevini 
121 to 126
127.Tearing Eye Sanjeevini 
128.Thought Management Sanjeevini 
129.Tinnitus Sanjeevini 
130.Tonsilitis Sanjeevini 
131.Tuberculosis Sanjeevini 
132.Tumours & Growths Sanjeevini 
127 to 132
133.Typhoid Sanjeevini 
134.Ulcer (all types) Sanjeevini 
135.Urticaria Sanjeevini 
136.Veins & Arteries Problems Sanjeevini  137.Vision Sanjeevini 
138.Vomitting Sanjeevini 
133 to 138
139.Warts Sanjeevini 
140.Water Retention Sanjeevini 
141.Whooping Cough Sanjeevini 
142.Worms & Parasites (incl.fungus) Sanjeevini 
143.SAFE (Scars of Abuse, Fears Eradication) 
144.Sleep Sanjeevini 
139 to 144
145.Ahimsa (non violence) 
146. Canine Distemper 
147. Fungal Infection (all) 
148. Herpes (simplex) 
149. Osteoporosis 
150. Scabies (Incl. mange for animals) 
145 to 150
151. Addictions - Alcohol Related Sanjeevini 
152. Addictions - Caffeine Related Sanjeevini 
153. Addictions - Nicotine Related Sanjeevini 
154 Addictions - Drugs Related Sanjeevini 
155. Anger Sanjeevini 
156. Antitoxin - Heavy Metals Sanjeevini 
151 to 156
157. Antitoxin - Dental Fillings Sanjeevini 
158. Anxiety Sanjeevini 
159. Better Memory Sanjeevini 
160. Bone Disorders - (Growths) Sanjeevini 
161. Crohn's Disease Sanjeevini 
162. Dandruff Sanjeevini 
157 to 162
175. PFBD (Beak & Feather Disease) Sanjeevini 
176. Phobias(Specific & Non-specific)Sanjeevini 
177. Poisoning (all types) Sanjeevini 
178. Pre-menstrual Tension(PMT) Sanjeevini 
179. Resentment Sanjeevini 
180. Schizophrenia Sanjeevini 
175 to 180
169. Forgiveness Sanjeevini 
170. Hyperactivity Sanjeevini 
171. Indecisiveness Sanjeevini 
172. Leukaemia Sanjeevini 
173. Meningitis Sanjeevini 
174. Oxygenation Sanjeevini 
169 to 174
163. Dementia Sanjeevini 
164. Dengue (all types) Sanjeevini 
165. Depression Sanjeevini 
166. Entities Sanjeevini 
167. Examination Stress Sanjeevini 
168. Flourosis Sanjeevini 
163 to 168
181. Soil Rejuvenation Sanjeevini 
182. Sweat Disorders Sanjeevini 
183. Tetanus Sanjeevini 
184. Ticks& Fleas (for animals) Sanjeevini 
185. Vaccine Antidote Sanjeevini 
186. Vertigo Sanjeevini 
181 to 186

Prepare the required Sanjeevinis for the patient in a bottle or a paper bag. 

Place this in the circle marked "sample" on the Multiplication and Broadcasting card. 

Write the name of the patient on a small piece of paper and place it on the circle marked "Output" - place a small pebble or coin to hold the paper. 

Leave it there as long as required in a spirit of surrender.

This could be a few minutes in some cases where the response is almost instantaneous or several days in other cases.

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43.Sinuses (all) Sanjeevini 
44.Skin Sanjeevini 
45.Spine Sanjeevini 
46.Spleen Sanjeevini 
47.Teeth Sanjeevini 
48.Throat & Tonsils Sanjeevini 
43 to 48
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