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Bowen Technique Yahoo Message Board Group open to all students and Practioners of Bowen Therapy.

How to have Perfect Posture

Shop for Books on how to Heal Yourself and Bach Flowers, Essential Oils & More

Emotional Freedom Technique also known as Tapping and EFT. 
The Emotional Freedom Technique Movie and book "Try it on Everything"

An alternative approach to Scoliosis using natural and holistic therapies.

Do it yourself Pain Relief with Accupressure Book

A book that contradicts everything we have been told about dieting. " TOTAL CONTROL"  Weight Loss Made Easy!

Body & Mind Info Directory

How to Treat Cancer Naturally Book

Reiki in New Zealand by Reiki Master Deborah Laurence

A Spirituality Web Directory

The Official Bowen Therapy Inc of New Zealand

Om Symbol &  Buddha Products

Biopro with Deborah Spoors ~ Products with NASA technology making Cellphones and modern appliances safe

Free game – Your chance to win big has never been easier

Astrology by Susan Miller

Natural Eyecare ~ Free Eye Exercises

Health Information, Tips and more!

Your fingernails reflect your health -- Learn some warning signs --

Scizzorface Design
Scizzorface is a super sized combo made up of its main (and most tasty) ingredients Jess Moore and Amy Selby. We found each other huddled in a dark corner after we hit the wall of art school conformity and joined forces (and magic power rings) to unite under the concept of do-it-yourself for yourself. We have a (very) worrying fascination with all things curious and ridiculous in everyday life. Animals,  humour, hair, music and popular culture are just some of the themes that pop into our work. With the aid of super foods and teas-a-plenty, we are able to execute a multi disciplinary approach to ideas and transform them into boundless possibilities - fashion, print, illustration, animation, jewellery and whatever takes our fancy.

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