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UNLOCK the SECRETS to EASY weightloss!


There are lots of fun ways to support your weight loss program that can be really effective in keeping you focused and in the right emotional state.

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Excerpts from Total Control Book
Fill a jug of water and place a small pinch of baking soda in to make it more alkaline.  Did you know that tap water and most bottled water is acidic?

For extra nice water add mint and lemon slices and keep in the fridge.

Drink a small glass of water every 1/2 hour - 1 hour. 

Don't drink too much otherwise your stomach will full like a balloon just like when your portions are far too big.

Draw this symbol on a piece of paper in red pen and attach it to the fridge door.
Every time you see this symbol your subconscious will be reminded that  you don't want to be big and you certainly don't want to get wider!
Description:Join your palms  in front of your chest and lock the facing fingers together keeping your thumbs upright. Hold for 3 minutes, release and repeat twice.

Uses include: Weight Reduction, Weight Loss

Make sure you drink plenty of water as Linga Mudra generates heat in your body.

Mudras can work within seconds of applying the hand position or sometimes within 45 minutes.  Do as often as you can.


Gentian -for those easily discouraged, in whom even small delays may cause hesitation, despondency and self-doubt.

Centaury - for those who have difficulty in saying no, often becoming subservient in their desire to serve others, anxious to please they can be easily exploited, neglecting their own interests.

Walnut - for stabilizing emotions during periods of transition, such as being an overweight person to a slimmer person, for breaking past links, and adjusting to new beginnings.

Agrimony - for those not wishing to burden others with their troubles, covering up their suffering with a cheerful facade, they often seek escape from pain and worry through food.

Larch - for those who, despite being capable, lack self confidence.  Anticipating failure, they often do not make a real effort to succeed.
  • Right Click with your mouse and then save the image to your computer.
  • Then Print
  • Put Healing Card in plastic or have it laminated.  It will not  affect the healing vibrations.
  • Put a glass of water on the symbol for at least 5 seconds.
  • Then sip throughout the day.
  • Each sip is like one dose.
  • You cannot have too much.  If you drink the whole glass of water at one go, it will be considered one dose.
  • The other option is to put the water in a glass eye dropper bottle and then have 4 drops x 3 times a day.
  • Similiar to Bach Flowers.

Every night visualise yourself telling your friends how wonderful it feels to be your goal weight.  Make a real conversation about it and put lots of feeling into it.  It is called scripting and it really works!
Yes it is possible to lose weight by gazing at the Sun once a day within an hour of Sunrise or Sunset.  Do not stare at the sun any other time!

It is most important to start with 10 seconds and then increase by another 10 seconds every day until you get to 44 minutes.  Then stop.  There will be no need to continue.

Not only will you lose your appetite you will also strengthen your eyes and heal internally.

Staring at the sun in this manner has been done for thousands of years.  I encourage you to search Sungazing on the internet and access the incredible amount of knowledge on this subject before procedding with this method.

Make sure you are standing on soil or sand for best results.